Visual arts

Still Life is a process that intends to give body-voice to a path of silences as far as being a woman is concerned.

The starting point was through the reference of the book Calibã ea la Bruxa that reverberated in the artisanal making of instruments and in a photographic experience that could record and bring to light this buried story.



The video was made in the context of the pandemic, in a room with two people in the same atmosphere of social isolation. External factors, such as the street lamp that illuminates the room and creates a whole narrative of shadows and widening of the space. Experimenting with the various openings, opening and closing the door and the window, it is possible to create a series of scenes, transitions and clippings. Body language is the marker of time and also brings the internal conflict of removing the masks and looking at the shadows, starting from a death.

Shadow Mirror is an invitation to embark on this extended time with yourself.