Slit Project

The Fenda project is a space for creation through the sewing of diverse artistic languages, such as audiovisual, photography, body arts, dramaturgies, performances, with the collective as a potentializer of creative processes. Slit is a feminine noun that means crack, fissure, opening, breach. Like something that goes through and allows itself to be contaminated. Fissure can be a wound too, it stings, it hurts. Exposed and traversable.

Thus, what is intended with the project's productions is to enable fissures, openings of possibilities, visions and other sensations in the face of the crystallizations and the stiffened walls of everyday, social and political life. The Project has as its source this thirst for art that is crossed and that crosses, which can reverberate in its innumerable aspects and possibilities. A vulnerable and permeable project, which is contaminated and which contaminates.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The project is based on the fertilization of ideas and the creation of creative processes in order to give birth to poetics that open up worlds. Being created by two Brazilian women, the Fenda project is made in a handcrafted, ritualistic production, with the premise that the vulva is a large cleft (wound) and that we women are the breach in the structures of the patriarchy.


Mariana Pelin

Psychoanalyst, Photographer, Post graduate in body arts.

Researcher of dance and movement in its artistic and therapeutic environment, where he seeks the poetics of bodies.

Co-creator of the Fenda Project.

Currently, working on authorial artistic projects, where he weaves a seam between multiple artistic languages.

Active in social projects in the Paraisopolis Community in a work based on ethics, aesthetics, politics and clinics.

Marilia Curtolo

Actress, ballerina, dance teacher and body provocateur, has been enhancing her authorial work through the Fenda Project, which is co-creator. Currently works as an interpreter in the independent company of the director and choreographer Henrique Lima. As a teacher and provocateur, she has been deepening her research within contemporary dance, syncretizing with other styles of dance and theater.


Natalia Burger

Actress and Cultural Producer. Works in the production of audiovisual works as a creative assistant and assistant director. He has courses in the areas of photography, cinema, dramaturgy, script and cultural production.